Selling Your Home


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Central Texas housing inventory still remains very low. As a buyers agent, it is very frustrating searching for that perfect home with my eager buyers when the choices are so limited. This means we are in a sellers market. As a Sellers agent, I have some amazing upscale marketing that will sell your home quickly and for the right price and you can help those buyers out :)

Why you Should sell your home in 2018?

Are you ready to sell? Allow me to rally round, market your home and get it sold quickly and for the best price with my listing concierge services!

How does an ad featuring your property in the Austin Monthly magazine sound? Or how about a spot on our new TV show "At Home in Texas" that airs every Sunday at 9 am?

My promise to you is that with the exclusive marketing tools that I have in place, everyone will see your home and want to make it their own.  Look through just some of the concierge marketing activities that I offer:

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Whether you are looking to move quickly or just exploring your options, I am happy to help. Give me a call or click here and we can discuss the current market and information on your home.