What to Expect in 2022, Everyone is Asking.

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Real Estate

Here are some highlights on what to expect in the market for 2022:

- Do Expect:

1. A somewhat more friendly buyers market.

2. More choices on the market.

- Do Not Expect:

1.Prices to drop

2. Mortgage rates to remain at their low's

3. Buying a house to become more affordable.


2022 will still be a very strong market, much like what we experienced in the last year. It will be the same formula that fueled Central Texas housing market for the past decade or so – and more of the same is ahead in 2022. Low housing supply. High demand. Higher prices. Sound familiar?


If you thought that 2020 was crazy, add vaccinated citizens, job growth and population expected to continue in the 5 county regions spanning from Georgetown to San Marcos.


Builders are trying to build as fast as they can, but we may be several years before we see a balance of supply and demand.

Mortgage rates are expected to rise but still remain historically low.


Expect a larger number of homeowners to present properties to the market, hopefully easing multiple offer situations and giving buyers more options.


If you are considering buying or selling in 2022, I would love to partner with you. Give me a shout and we can discuss your options and I would love to share my strategies with you for your success!